The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) announced on Tuesday, 11 August 2020, that all dormitories have been cleared of COVID-19 with the exception of 17 standalone blocks in six Purpose-Built Dormitories (PBDs) which are serving as quarantine facilities.


Dormitory update


All workers living in dormitories have either recovered or have been tested to be free from the virus, except for 22,500 workers in Centralised Government Quarantine Facilities and the abovementioned 17 standalone PBD blocks.


Dormitory residents are able to resume work once the dormitory operators, employers, and workers have made the necessary preparations to do so in a safe manner. 81% of Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) Foreign Workers have Green AccessCode, meaning that they are able to resume work as of 10 August. MOM also announced a multi-layered approach to ensure safe restart of work on 11 August that aims to minimise the risk of renewed infections and protect the health of the workers.


Allowing dormitory residents to leave during rest days


MOM recognises that social activity is important for the mental well-being of dormitory residents and is working towards allowing them to leave for leisure and personal errands whilst keeping them safe from COVID-19. The eventual goal is to allow residents from dormitories cleared of COVID-19 to enjoy their rest days without movement restrictions.


MOM has engaged employers, NGOs, dormitory operators, and Recreation Centre operators to coordinate the measured relaxation of movement restrictions to ensure that the residents and broader community are kept safe and healthy.


Small-scale trials this month would allow residents from selected cleared dormitories to visit Recreation Centres on their rest days for personal errands such as buying groceries, SIM cards, and remitting money. Residents’ exits will also be spread out across each rest day through the application of Dormitory Exit Passes by residents provided they meet the necessary criteria*. Details of the eventual Exit Pass arrangements will be announced in due course.


MOM extends its appreciation to workers and employers for their cooperation over these last four months and understands their anxieties. The Ministry seeks the cooperation of all stakeholders to ensure that dormitory residents can eventually enjoy their rest day safely.


*Residents would be granted a Dormitory Exit Pass if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Has recovered from COVID-19, or has a negative swab test result within 14 days prior to the exit date;
  2. Not be on Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice;
  3. Is staying in a cleared dormitory
  4. Has installed and registered TraceTogether; and
  5. Chooses an Exit Pass timeslot with available vacancies


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